At any one time, with responsibility for human resources, you will no doubt be juggling a multitude of tasks all of which have huge, often financial, implications for your organisation.  For example you may be looking to attract and retain the right people; ensure your staff skills and competencies evolve to meet the demands of the business and keep you ahead of the competition, whilst ensuring your policies and procedures are compliant with ever-changing employment legislation.  Sometimes the days simply aren’t long enough and you need someone to help you shoulder the load.

Here at Human Results we pride ourselves on really getting to know our clients and their organisations so we can help manage not only their day to day issues but also support them in achieving their longer term objectives.

Human Results offers a full service Human Resources Consultancy and when we say full service we mean full service.  We deal with the full Human Resource remit at all levels.  So whether you are looking to have someone take your human resource issues off your hands to free up more time or you’re an HR manager looking for support and advice, or additional resource, Human Results can help.

We tailor our service to directly address each client’s unique requirements taking into account their business objectives and the environment in which they are operating.  We advise our clients on a retained, interim or project specific basis depending what is most appropriate for them.

Our services can be broadly split into three key areas, our retained service, Human Results providing bespoke projects and Business Evolution major projects.

  • HR Services

    Managing your human resource

    Retained Support for HR managers and business owners to help with all employment matters.

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  • Human Results

    Business focus on people

    A full complement of support for you and your business team

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  • Business Evolution

    Managing transformation

    Helping your organisation respond to the ever changing marketplace.

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