Why you shoulder consider hiring an apprentice.

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Considering it is apprenticeship week (7th -14th February), here are the tops reasons you should consider hiring an apprentice.

Apprenticeships, along with traineeships, T levels and KickStart have all been big contributors to the evolution of education in recent years. Many young people now see apprenticeships as a practical alternative to going to university. Since the government announced the apprenticeship levy in 2015, there has been an 90% rise in views and 115% increase in applications.

Upskill employees

If you have staff who need help developing further into a role, putting them forward for an apprenticeship is a great way to invest in their career. Apprenticeship levels span from 2 to 7, making it simple to pick an appropriate programme for the worker’s learning and growth.

Tailored training and high apprentice retention rate

When you recruit an apprentice, you may alter and customise their training to match your company’s needs, allowing you to produce your ideal employee. According to research, 90% of apprentices remain on at their workplace once they completed their training, which means you will receive a skilled member of staff. If your apprentice lacks technical skills or you cannot fill a job opportunity, this is a great option. 

Government funding

You will get funding to train and assess your apprentices if you pay the apprenticeship levy. If you do not pay the levy, you will only pay 5% of the cost of training and evaluating, with the government covering the remaining 95% up to the funding band limit. You may also apply for £3000 in financing for a new apprentice, which can be used for uniforms, transport, or wages.

Apprenticeships solve skill shortages and fill frequent vacancies, assisting you to upskill workers and introduce fresh faces and ideas into your business. If you need help with any aspect of apprenticeships, onboarding contracts or handbooks, our expert Employment Law professionals are available to assist you. Get in contact with the talented team at Human Results here.

Useful Links

Here are some useful links to the government website if you are thinking about hiring an apprentice.




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