What to do if a New Employee’s Personality Just Doesn’t Fit

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It’s every manager’s worst fear: you’ve been through the selection process, filled out all the paperwork and found your perfect candidate. After all that, it turns out your pick is not the right person for the job.

Often no one is to blame, it’s just a question of your employee’s personality not being quite the right fit for the role. A transfer to another role or department may eventually be in order, however, there are a number of steps you can take before it comes to this.

1. Take a step back
Take a deep breath and assess the situation before making any sudden moves. Being a bad fit may not necessarily make your new hire a bad employee; they may simply be less extrovert than their colleagues or used to working independently rather than as part of a team. Talk to their co-workers and try and get a balanced view before jumping to conclusions.

2. Talk to the employee
Now you have a better idea of what the problem is it may be time to approach the employee themselves. Broaching the subject sensitively by painting it neutrally as a team-wide issue rather than one specific to them may help them open up about where they feel the issue is arising from.

3. Focus on the positives
Try to depersonalise a tricky situation by shifting the focus back onto work. If possible, tweak your new employee’s role slightly by giving them work that best suits their skills. Allow them to shine doing what they do best will restore confidence and help them gain the respect of colleagues.

4. Don’t throw in the towel
Hiring a new employee means a significant time investment, not to mention money. Having come this far, it may be worth paying towards training that can help your worker integrate better with colleagues. If their problem lies in working alongside others, a course focusing on communication skills may be a good option.

As with many things in life, time is a great healer. Faced with this kind of management dilemma, the key is to take your time and not rush things. Some issues may well resolve themselves naturally, so prepare yourself and others to be patient.

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