5 Human Resource New Years Resolutions for your Business

Blog Posted: Wednesday 15th December 2021 by

The new year is fast approaching, which makes it the perfect time for workers in Human Resource to consider what changes you can implement in 2022 and beyond.

Setting some new year’s resolutions can work wonders for helping you reach your career goals and improving the workplace atmosphere. Some of the key benefits can include;

  1. Working towards promotions or increased salaries,
  2. Reducing your stress levels in daily life,
  3. Establishing better working relationships with employees,
  4. Feeling happier in the workplace,
  5. Helping the company improve on a collective and individual level.

Knowing what you want to achieve next year is one thing, but knowing what new year’s resolutions will help you do this is another. Focus on implementing the five ideas after Christmas (or even before) and you will see significant improvements.

1.  Build Better Teams

Assembling the strongest possible workforce is one of the biggest challenges facing any HR department. All Human Resource management teams must focus on this goal.

Knowing what you want from candidates and where to advertise vacancies is a significant starting point. However, studies found that 80% of HR leaders feel employer branding has a major influence on attracting talent. Therefore, understanding the research habits of modern job applicants (such as using social media and reading reviews) can influence your habits.

A strong workforce is the greatest asset any company ever possesses. Do not forget it.

2. Go Paperless With Employee Handbooks

Going paperless after Christmas will make your life easier. However, it’s far from selfish to look at going paperless in human resources. Start with the employee handbooks.

There are many reasons to adopt paperless employee handbooks. For starters, it helps the company reduce its carbon footprint. Just like clients, employees care about this. In fact, research shows that 40% of millennials choose an employer because of sustainability. The ability to deliver handbooks digitally means we can update them in real-time.

On a side note, it means that workers will access handbooks at all times.

3. Adapt To COVID Guidelines

We know, you’re pretty bored of hearing it by now. However, COVID compliance has been a priority for all Human Resource management experts. This will continue into 2022.

Ultimately, following the latest COVID guidelines will be essential at all times. However, studies earlier this year showed that one in three office workers would rather quit than return to the office after WFH schemes end. Taking issues like this, and the changing landscape because of new variants can help HR managers make far more calculated decisions.

Aside from serving your workers, it’ll help you avoid enforced downtime or fines.

4. Upgrade Employee Review Processes

Every person who has an employment contract should want to perform to their full potential. Sadly – and you’ll definitely relate to this – most don’t. Tackling this is key.

The fact is that 77% of Human Resource managers feel that their performance reviews are inadequate. A good new year’s resolution is to review the review process. When it is updated to effectively gain accurate results and help inspire workers to do more, the influence on the entire business can be huge. Frankly, you’d be a fool to miss out.

And when you know that the processes have been improved, you’ll gain peace of mind.

5. Be Happier

Finally, the last two years have shown us that life is too short to be unhappy. As a Human Resources worker, your positivity sets the tone for your entire team.

Find the little daily rituals that make you happier while also building better working relationships with employees and success is assured. Happy new year!

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