HR Technology Tools – Why You Should Take the Plunge

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HR software is often a much debated topic. Designed to reduce admin time, decrease strain on in-house resource, improve efficiency, and provide effective data backup, HR technology tools can help you stay organised. But, with so many options on the market, which one is suitable for your business?

All companies, whether big or small, if they employ people, need some sort of HR system in place. Be it digital or paper-based, organisation is the key to a smooth running business. If people are employed within a business, then it’s important for managers to be able to track the movement of their people.

For businesses with no digital solution in place, tracking holiday days and sick leave on a spreadsheet and filing employee notes is common practice. This is an easy (and cheap) solution that even in a digital age is still employed by smaller businesses. However, manual updates and HR admin can become harder to manage as the workforce grows, and by no means is this outdated method a secure way to store and track sensitive information. Therefore, taking the plunge with HR software is something that every business needs to consider.

Benefits of HR technology tools for growing businesses

There are many excellent business solutions in the world of HR technology. Depending on the size of your business, you may find an off-the-shelf solution with functionality that is suitable for your HR needs.

However, for a solution that can truly grow with your business, you will need something with a vastly increased capacity for flexibility than an off-the-shelf solution can provide. The Human Results Toolbox offers an all-in-one tool that can offer genuine support to business owners, department managers and HR administrators, including an employee self-service options to help to take the strain out of daily HR tasks.

These expert HR technology tools are designed to cut down on laborious admin time and help every department across the business to boost productivity and focus on the most important aspects of their role. By introducing an HR technology tool into your business, HR managers have more time to listen, plan, communicate, and interact with employees, in order to provide support for team members, manage meetings and appraisals, and concentrate on top line management responsibilities. With a more time-efficient system in place, the HR department can also focus on supporting business growth by spending their time in talent sourcing, recruitment and in-house training.

Powered by DocLogix, the Human Results Toolbox is completely customisable and able to grow with your business, offering automated workflow capabilities so employees can take on a small amount of self-management. The software also features a hierarchy of permissions management, recruitment management, onboarding and exit management, absence management, personnel profile management, and collaborative communications which allow staff, line managers and HR to raise and accept requests all on one system.

Do small companies need HR technology tools?

Whilst growing businesses in particular could be losing valuable time and money without the admin-reducing benefits of HR technology, it’s essential to have a HR system in place for companies of every size.

Whether you’re a start-up or an SME, HR software can be extremely beneficial. Without sufficient organisation, it can be hard to keep track of employee leave, payroll changes, performance and recruitment. Ultimately, any inconsistencies could affect staff performance or even staff retention.

The Human Results Toolbox is designed for all businesses and the results will be noticeable whether you have five or 5000 employees.

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