What are your HR New Year’s Resolutions?

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Now that most of us have settled into a working routine following the Christmas break, it’s time to think about the HR New Year’s resolutions on your bucket list for 2019. Here are five recommendations from Human Results to help you provide an efficient HR service to your company and employees throughout the year.

Revisit your employee handbooks

There’s nothing like the start of a brand new year to remind you that legacy documents should be reviewed on an annual basis. Business circumstances can change quickly, and what was working well for you and your employees this time last year, may not be relevant now.

Employee handbooks are living documents. They are always in play and should always be referred to as the first point of reference for employees who may have questions about their (or the company’s) obligations.  They should reference up to date company policies, provide advice on systems and processes, and — perhaps most importantly — clearly lay out the company’s mission, culture and values.

For these reasons, it’s essential that your employee handbook is up to date, relevant, and working for you.

Invest in tech

No company on earth can get away from the rising trends of technology and how crucial tech has become for the modern business. What’s more, employees are likely to value new technology in the workplace over any other office perk.

In the 2016 Adobe Future of Work report, a whopping 81% of surveyed employees said they would value state-of-the-art technology and technology that keeps them connected, over almost everything else.

Spare budget? Splurge on technology that will keep your employees engaged, productive and loyal.

Make a succession plan

Operating as a small business is full of risks. More so if you’re a family-run enterprise, have a leadership team that is close to retirement, or you’re a significant player in an MBO.

Building a succession plan, fostering a knowledge-sharing culture and increasing your talent pool should be on your HR New Year’s resolutions list this year if you want to eliminate the threat to your business posed by your key people.

Bring in some fresh talent

Succession planning is not the only reason to think about bringing some raw talent into your business this year. Even if you don’t have a planned recruitment drive, sometimes injecting some new blood into the team is a worthy exercise.

Far from feeling threatened by new hires, existing colleagues will often embrace the change of a new recruit. If there just isn’t room in your budget or your team, consider hiring an apprentice with a plan to bring them up through the ranks.

Resolve any outstanding problems

Leaving an employment-related problem to fester can have serious long-term repercussions for your business. Make it one of your HR new year’s resolutions this year to resolve any outstanding issues as quickly as possible. And, if you’re unsure how to progress, calling in some expert HR help is often a highly cost-effective way to ensure a swift resolution.

What are your HR  new year’s resolutions for 2019?

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