Global day of parents, 2018: Is it time to review your family-friendly working policies?

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June 1st celebrates the UN-recognised global day of parents. A day to reflect on the joys of parenthood and recognise the achievements of mums and dads around the world; especially those that strive to raise good kids despite challenging circumstances.

The chances are, you’re reading this with a wry smile because you know first-hand how tough being a parent really is. Especially when it comes to balancing a career with family commitments.

According to the Office for National Statistics, approximately 57% of all working households in the UK are home to at least one dependent child, aged 15 or under. This means that over half of your current workforce is likely to be in a household with at least one working parent.

Retaining talented, dedicated and impassioned people in the face of increasingly fierce competition is a crucial priority for any business.  That’s why it’s important to revisit the family-friendly policies offered by your company to ensure employees can balance the demands of the job, with the commitment to their children.

If you’re stuck for innovative ideas on how to make working life better for your staff, here are three examples of companies with a UK presence, who’ve struck the right balance.

Visualsoft offer unlimited holidays and unmonitored flexitime

Visualsoft hit the HR headlines in 2014 with the introduction of its excellent benefits package. The e-commerce software company rolled out unlimited holidays and unmonitored flexitime that allows its people to commit to their work and their families. Among their other employee perks, a flexible working hours policy and childcare vouchers are also up for grabs.

According to a report by the Employee Benefits website, within 12 months, weekly staff feedback scores on health and well-being, motivation, and the organisation’s working culture have improved by 30%.

CA Technologies offer onsite Montessori childcare facilities

And that’s not all! As well as the CA Montessori Children’s Centre that takes younger children aged from just six weeks to six years, the technology giant has a host of benefits to boost work-life balance for its people. Childcare vouchers, wellness initiatives, and tuition reimbursement assistance are just some of the reasons they’ve been voted amongst the Most Ethical Companies of 2018, the Best Places to work for LGBTQ Equality, and have secured a place on the Bloomberg GEnder Equality index.

Anglian Water is “flexible and understanding to part-time workers.”

It’s not just the big tech guys that have cornered the market on offering the best perks to keep the best people. Anglian Water came second (topped only by Google, of course) in the 2018 Glassdoor Best Places to Work list.

Amongst the benefits, the usual suspects such as private healthcare and competitive holiday entitlement have come out on top. But, according to several Glassdoor reviews, working parents at Anglian Water particularly enjoy the company’s positive and reinforcing attitude to part-time workers, and the flexibility to work from home with ‘no questions asked.’

For some business, of course, Montessori childcare facilities and remote working are still a pipe-dream. Especially in sectors such as manufacturing or engineering when its imperative to have staff on-site during standard working hours to cover critical production periods.

However, if there’s something to be learned from the some of the world’s leading enterprises, it’s that, for working parents, employee benefits matter almost as much as salary. To retain the best and brightest there are benefits that businesses can offer to working parents to make life easier.

— Later start times or earlier finishes to allow for school drop-off and pick-ups.

— Salary sacrifice schemes/childcare vouchers.

— On-site breakfast or free fruit to make sure that parents-on-the-go have enough time to fuel-up in the mornings.

— High street discount vouchers to help family budgets stretch a little further.

— Employee Assistance Programmes so there’s always somewhere to turn when family life tugs on the patience of even the most understanding parent.

For support implementing employee engagement or drawing up family-friendly working policies, call the expert HR team at Human Results, in confidence.


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