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Does your company need a new employee handbook, written and prepared by a qualified employment law specialist? Enter your business in our prize draw!

One winner will receive a bespoke employee handbook worth up to £1000, tailored to their business, covering all the important aspects of the employer/employee relationship.

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Employee handbooks are the lifeblood of your company’s relationship with your employees. Firstly, it clarifies what you expect from them, what they can expect from you as their employer, and it lays out your obligations and defines clear procedures to ensure your staff are accountable for their own decision making.

Secondly, an up to date employee handbook will be taken into account should an employee decide to take action against you.

Employee handbooks can also be used to express your firm’s mission statement, culture, and values, as well as act as a handy training and reference guide for new starters. This helps to minimise contact with HR and provides a robust back-up for disputes and difficult decisions.

An up-to-date employee handbook that uses accurate wording and is accepted by your company as a ‘living’ document can be especially useful when it comes to issues of breach of contract.

In the 2016 case of Department for Transport vs Sparks, employees complained that a recent change to the absence management procedure set out in the employee handbook offered less favourable terms than the previous procedure. The staff handbook was worded in such a way that the provision permitting a variation did not explicitly permit change that was detrimental to the employees.

In order to reduce the risk of dispute, which can potentially cost your company thousands of pounds, employers should consider the wording in their handbooks very carefully. This is where support from the Human Results team can be invaluable.

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