Four Top Traits of High-Performing, Emerging and Potential Leaders

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Many leaders are competent enough to navigate the daily challenges of a demanding and highly complex modern workplace, but it takes someone with exceptional talent to realise and maximise the genuine potential of an entire team. It is often debated whether or not a person is born to lead, but true leaders do have a set of clear characteristics that people naturally look up to, and these qualities can often – with hard work and determination – be both taught and learned.



A good leader is confident enough to naturally take charge and establish a strategy, even when things may not to be going to plan. They will reengage disparate workforces and realign projects to achieve business objectives, even in high stress environments. They can do this because they believe in their own ability to lead teams to extraordinary success.

Great leaders also coach and inspire confidence in others, even during the toughest of times. Confidence, however, should not be mistaken for arrogance, or an over-inflated ego; these latter traits will often prevent a leader from accepting accountability when things start to go wrong.



The best leaders are honest, both with themselves and with others. They embody the meaning of trust and reliability, and filter this down throughout their team, so there is never any doubt of their integrity. A great leader shares information and will speak up when teams or individuals need to adjust their behaviour for the greater good. They will be honest in their approach to negativity and will openly share in the success and failures of those around them.



Leaders become leaders because they are focussed and meticulously organised. They strategize for success and plan for every outcome, so individual and team performance becomes a tangible and measureable asset. They think both analytically and creatively to devise the best possible solutions and break down hard-to-achieve goals into easily digestible chunks to maintain consistency. No matter what else is going on around them, a great leader is always focussed on the end goal.

Commitment to Excellence


A common trait of truly inspiring leaders is their level of commitment. Not only are they truly committed to their business, but they will not accept sub-standard performance from their teams, suppliers, or even their bosses. A great leader sets the bar high and coaches others to reach and sustain these standards. This is why they will mostly always achieve their objectives and elevate their teams to achieve genuine excellence.

Of course, there are other common traits of high performing leaders that are never called into question, such as accountability, optimism and emotional intelligence. If you recognise these traits in yourself, or in members of your management team, then Human Results can coach your emerging leaders into genuine talent that will propel your business to the next level.

We provide expert leadership development coaching programmes to secure long-term capability within your organisation, and a critical support structure for your leaders.

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