Five ways to regain employee productivity after the summer break

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With the fantastic weather and the World Cup, the summer of 2018 already feels in full swing, even though the kids have only just broken up for the holidays. And, with temperatures set to soar again over the next few weeks, Britain is undoubtedly feeling hot under the collar.

Without meaning to wish away the summer, September is merely a stone’s throw away. It won’t be long before we’re packing up the kids bags and sending them back to school. That’s when we know that summer is over and it’s time to knuckle back down for some serious work.

What happens though, when your staff return from the summer holidays, full of back to work blues?

To regain employee productivity levels after the summer break, it’s essential for employers to recognise the symptoms of post-holiday depression in their staff. If you can identify it, it’s easier to put a strategy in place to overcome any downward mood.

Reinforce success

Remember when the finance team managed to slash the companies CapEx spend by renegotiating with suppliers? Or, when Steve from marketing created an impressive social media campaign that pulled in all that extra business?

These are the things the company needs to remember and reiterate to staff who are missing the beach or reminiscing about their mountain-hiking adventure.

Reinforcing success will help your staff remember why they’re valued and the difference they make to the business. Reinforce ] success to raise levels of employee productivity.

Hire an apprentice or an intern

New blood in a business can make all the difference. In particular, an apprentice or intern (of any age) will be enthusiastic, keen to get stuck in and will be full of new, innovate ideas.

Apprentices and interns are excellent for boosting the morale of longer-serving staff, especially those who will naturally take an interest in supporting someone new with their career development. New, motivated people in the office will boost employee productivity and lift everyone’s mood.

Provide something to look forward to

Employees will always perform better when there’s something to look forward to.

Lay on a post-summer incentive, such as an autumn company gathering or rewarding training sessions that will add value to the working day. Joining a reward and recognition scheme, such as Love2Shop or PerkBox are excellent ways to engage staff who could be suffering from low motivation.

Encourage organisation and delegation

There is nothing worse than returning from a summer break to find a to-do list that’s three times as long as you left it. Encourage your staff to prioritise their most important tasks and delegate anything they can to other team members. Managing a back-to-work schedule will help employees quickly settle into a routine.

Want increased employee productivity? Don’t hold meetings

Meetings are the killer of employee productivity at the best of times. When you have key staff returning from their summer holidays, heading straight into a meeting is the last thing they need. Don’t hold meetings during their first week back; they’ll have to much to do and to keep them back for a couple of hours in a meeting they don’t need to attend, will kill off any chance of a productive day.

Lack of employee productivity can be a severe problem. It can lead to an unhappy and demotivated workforce, slower output of products and services, and high absence rates. For help and support with motivation, employee engagement, or absence management, get in touch with Human Results in confidence.


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