Conflict Management Training: Support for Your Business During Challenging Times

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In any business, large or small, there will be times when conflict arises, whether this is between two or more members of staff, a manager and an employee, or the rumblings of unrest in an entire department. Managing conflict can be stressful and often takes the focus away from daily activities – costing your business time and money.

One of the challenges in dealing with these issues in the workplace is not just managing the situation itself, but providing training for supervisors to ensure similar circumstances are managed effectively, thus mitigating the risk of future conflict.

To support your business before and after conflict arises, Human Results Ltd can provide conflict management training for your executives, managers and supervisors.

Utilising the world’s most effective conflict management tool – The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) – Human Results offers individuals and businesses a way of boiling down often complex situations into a format that can easily be understood, ensuring your managers and employees have the ability and options to manage these situations for an effective outcome.

Our approach works on the assumption that although most people will ‘default’ to one particular conflict-handling style, this is not always the best approach. Depending on the situation – how important the outcome is and how much energy a person has to invest – our development and training support will ensure they have the ability to choose from a wider range of styles to resolve the conflict.

Human Results conflict management sessions require preparatory work to ensure the specific scenarios can be discussed, included and addressed within the training sessions to ensure that each session is specifically tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Our conflict management training support and approach includes:

Defining conflict in the workplace – ensuring conflict and healthy disagreement is clarified, looking at why people are difficult.

Understanding the principle causes of conflict – identifying examples of generic conflict but also looking at specific causes of conflict in your workplace.

Identifying and practicing some conflict resolution strategies – preventing conflict and ‘5 Approaches for Conflict Resolution’

To book a no-obligation appointment to discuss how we can support your business through conflict, get in touch with our specialist HR team on 01952 288361.

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