The Characteristics of a True Strategic Leader

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Mention the work ‘strategic’ and many people recoil, assuming it means an excuse to slack-off or ‘blue-sky’ think with no end result.

However, nearly every company wants strategic leaders in all kind of roles. They understand that opportunities and warning signals will be missed if employees only focus on the work that is directly in their lap.

So, what do good strategic leaders excel at?

1. They anticipate change, building wide external networks to help do so and always searching for trends, legislation and information beyond the realms of the everyday business.

2. They challenge the norm, helping to uncover bias, manipulation and incorrect incentivisation within businesses.

3. They only form a viewpoint when they have considered a situation from multiple perspectives, using trusted data sources, contacts or opinions to do so.

4. They are decisive, not seeking perfection (this can take forever) instead usually a ‘good enough’ position.

5. They foster a culture of open dialogue to build trust, bringing tough issues to the surface and understanding other employees agendas.

6. They seek continual feedback to learn how to improve, celebrate success and recognise mistakes.

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