BREAKING NEWS: Employers Can Expect Employment Tribunal Claims from up to Four Years Ago

BlogHR Advice Posted: Monday 14th August 2017 by

The Presidents of the Employment Tribunals in England and Scotland have issued a Case Management Order arising from the Supreme Court’s decision to scrap Employment Fees last month.

The Order appears to place a ‘stay of execution’ on cases that had previously been rejected by an Employment Tribunal for failure to pay the fee. It seems that whilst we await a decision from the Ministry of Justice and HMCTS, these cases can now be revived.

This means that anyone who did not take tribunal action within the last four years that could have done so, could now take their former employer to court at no cost.

This is a game changer for the employer/employee legal system.

When employment tribunal fees were introduced, the number of cases per month plummeted from 25,000 to around 5000. Now that the fees have been scrapped and mistreated workers have regained their access to fair justice through the courts, we could be looking at a colossal rise in cases being reintroduced into the system, simply from the those that were rejected on the basis of fee payments during the last four years.

The scrapping of fees puts additional emphasis on employers to be especially vigilant, top up on their internal training, reinforce HR policies and procedures, and focus on matters relating to employee welfare.

If you are concerned about how this decision will affect your business, get in touch with an HR expert at Human Results.

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