The Benefits of Being a Sponsor to a Junior Employee

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Mentoring programmes are a successful and increasingly popular feature of the modern workplace. Yet, while mentors play an important part in advising employees as they integrate into a new role or firm, few mentor-mentee relationships develop beyond this stage.

Being a sponsor is an altogether different proposition. A good sponsor takes a vested interest in a junior employee’s career development within the firm, and perhaps even beyond. They make them visible to the top people and help guide them towards high-profile assignments, as well as pay rises and promotions.

With potential benefits for both parties, as well as the firm itself, here are just some of the reasons why offering your time and expertise as a sponsor could be a worthwhile and rewarding experience.

It’s about give and take

Mentoring can be an extremely fulfilling experience, however, some mentors who invest heavily can become frustrated by the lack of reciprocity on the part of the mentee. A ‘sponsee’ takes responsibility for organising and directing the discussion during meet-ups, so you don’t do all the legwork.

Their success is your success

Mentors perform an important role in supporting junior employees, however, they are not there to take responsibility for their successes and failures. Becoming a sponsor means assuming a direct stake in another person’s career; they are now part of your ‘brand’, meaning their performance links directly back to you.

It’s open-ended

In contrast to the finite lifespan of a mentor-mentee relationship, sponsorship programmes have the potential to grow and develop over a much longer period. As the role both individuals play in the company evolves, so does the relationship between the two parties. Who knows where you or your protégé could be five years from now.

It will get you noticed

As a successful sponsor, the company’s decision-makers should realise the impact your guidance and experience are having as well as your commitment to supporting (and retaining) top young talent.

They will want to return the favour

Your protégés could end up holding key positions across your company and if they feel like “they owe you one” that could make you very powerful.

If you are thinking of sponsoring someone it’s likely you are harbouring one or two altruistic tendencies. That said, it’s certainly worth keeping in mind the potential benefits your decision could have for your own career progression.


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