Becoming Menopause Savvy

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This podcast is to help raise awareness of menopause in the workplace, listen to Lauren Chiren from Women of a Certain Stage and Hannah Charman of Physic Health as they talk about their own experiences and how it has helped them both build businesses that help other ladies through a tough and challenging period of their lives.

Listen to the huge amount of help and advice for both employers, fellow employees and those going through the issues too. This really is 20 minutes of intriguing and educational talk you will hear in a long while.

Meet our Guest Speakers

Lauren Chiren

Lauren left her job as a senior executive in financial services, believing that she has early on-set dementia and didn’t want to appear weak or vulnerable. After three doctor’s visits, she later found out she had just gone through early menopause, which affects women between 40-45 years old or premature menopause, which affects those under 40.

After this experience, Lauren decided she wanted no other employer to lose valuable and talented people because of the lack of knowledge and understanding of menopause. It became her mission to find out what perimenopause was and why she misunderstood her symptoms.

Lauren began working with several individuals to research and learn everything she could about menopause and soon after created Women of a Certain Stage.

Women of a Certain Stage

“Normalising menopause at work to increase attraction and retention of top talent, support gender equality and improve attendance, performance and productivity.”

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Hannah Charman

Hannah began working in alternative medicine at 16, supporting her parents in their Hypnotherapy and Reiki practice. It was her experience of having chronic fatigue syndrome which set her on this path so early on, and she quickly learned about the many reasons behind why we become ill.

In 1999, Hannah graduated from Middlesex University with an honour degree in Herbal Medicine and became a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. Since then, she’s trained in Iridology, giving her added insight into how each patient becomes unwell, and she’s currently training in Advanced Hypnotherapy.

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As a Consultant Medical Herbalist, Hannah uses herbal medicine to treat the root cause of your condition, so you feel empowered and back in control. She looks beyond your symptoms at all aspects of your health and treats you as a whole person.

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