Are you Ready for Management? Five Things to Consider Before Accepting That Promotion

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Being made a manager is an achievement in any profession. However, be aware that making the jump to a managerial role can sometimes create as many challenges as it solves.

It’s not just about convincing your bosses you’re up to the task; it’s about being clear in your own mind that you can do it and that it’s what you really want. Here are some of the first questions you should be asking yourself before you accept the challenge:

1. Are you doing it for the right reasons?
The first question to ask yourself is why you really want to be a manager – the answer isn’t always as obvious as you might think. Power is an important motivator, but is it power to implement changes, to help others develop and to progress the organisation or simply power for power’s sake?

2. Are you prepared for how your relationships will change?
As many professional sportsmen will testify, the move from changing room to manager’s dug-out is rarely an easy transition. Suddenly your peers are your subordinates – you need to prepare yourself for the fact that your work relationships will be affected.

3. Do you recognise your strengths and weaknesses?
Being in a position of influence means getting used to closer scrutiny of your abilities. As a manager, you need to understand where your strengths lie and how to use them. You also need to acknowledge your weaknesses and recognise that there will (hopefully) be members of your team that can do certain things better than you.

4. Are you apprehensive about the prospect?
If you’re answering “not at all” perhaps you haven’t spent enough time reflecting on what the promotion entails. It’s normal to be a bit anxious, it means you’re facing up to potential issues and dealing with them in advance. For example, are you ok with leading a team of people who are a lot brighter than you?

5. Is it worth the additional stress?
The money and responsibility are great, but there’s plenty to be said for being outside the firing line and enjoying a good work-life balance. You may have to take a line you don’t personally agree with in the name of the company. Decisions which seem simple right now become a fair degree more complex as you travel up the ladder.

Being a manager can be an extremely positive and rewarding experience. Nevertheless, you need to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and that you’re going into the situation with your eyes wide open. Make time to have this dialogue with yourself before signing on the dotted line.

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